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We offer stock and bespoke bags that ensure
secure handling and storage.

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Tamper Evident Bags & Seals

Use tamper evident bags for the storage and
transportation of your cash, keys, documents.....


Leading Providers in Loss Prevention Security.

Security Cash Bags

Security cash bags protect your money, property and documents .
Our tamper evident cash bags are widely used in the storage and transportation of cash, keys and documents.
All bags are provided with our fully tamper evident security seals. They are barcoded and numbered for full audit tracking.

Second Life - Security Bags

We take the environment seriously. So, we were particularly delighted when our the Second Life security bags were awarded Blue Angel certification.
Read more about our award winning security bags


We are all aware of current environmental themes such as global warming, marine pollution through plastic and excessive use of resources.
It’s clear that we need to fundamentally change our way of thinking; the status quo cannot continue.
As a supplier of security cash bags, we are greatly concerned about these issues. We are totally aware that our products need to be subjected to a critical examination.
For this reason, we are working hard to ensure that our products are manufactured and used in a manner which is as environmentally neutral as possible.
We want to take responsibility and play our part in improving the environment.

Carbon Neutral Company and Products

As in all processes, CO2 is emitted during the extraction of the raw materials and the manufacture of our products.
Energy is saved wherever possible in optimising the efficiency of the production processes, we try to keep this output to a minimum. We compensate for any CO2 emitted by supporting climate protection projects.
In doing so we do far more than simply compensate for the production processes.
We also include the manufacturing of the raw materials – foils, paper, glues etc. – in our calculations.
This approach is known as “Cradle to Gate”. In other words, from the moment the raw materials are extracted (cradle) to the moment the finished products leave our factory (gate), we compensate for all emissions – and can therefore class our production as carbon-neutral.

Security Foil Bag Seals

The use of security foil seals is essential to give you total security when your bags contain cash.
Together with selected partner companies, we are working on a recycling loop for foils.
To make recycling easier, we refrain from using foil laminates and compound foils wherever it is possible. Instead, virtually all the foils we use for our document pouches are almost exclusively recycled.
Increasingly, we are using recycled foils and giving them a “second life”.
These form the basis for new, innovative and sustainable products. After use, these products can join the recycling loop once again.
This is an important step towards saving resources and protecting the environment.

We hold a range of bags for all uses including, cash bags, coin bags, cctv evidence bags, hotel valuable bags & courier bags. All bags can be fully customised to promote your brand.

S A Secure tamper-evident security packaging systems minimise the risk and reduce the costs of transporting and processing high value and confidential goods. Giving you single-trip tamper-evident security packaging for the safe processing, transportation and storage of valuable and confidential items.

S A Secure packaging systems are designed to:

  • Minimise the risk of loss or theft through tamper-evident technology
  • Improve efficiency and reduce the processing costs associated with valuables - handling
  • Meet operational requirements through our application-specific range of standard products
  • Help our customers introduce additional commercial benefits in customer services and marketing
  • Offer flexibility, innovation and customer-specific solutions
Our Security Bag range includes:
  • Night deposit bags
  • Cash deposit and transport bags
  • NHS security storage bags
  • Coin bags
  • Secure mail bags
  • Police and forensic bags
  • Examination paper bags
  • Key bags
  • Safe-deposit and valuables bags